Why do we call them "SPOILED DOG" boxes?

... because every dog deserves to be spoiled!

As dog parents ourselves we can relate to the problem  of keeping your pup entertained at times and even harder to select toys & treats from rows on rows of options in stores... We know you probably stand there wondering what makes one better than the next? Materials, ingredients, price points, location of manufacturing - and even "how Instagram worthy" is it? These are all factors that may impact your decision.

Our goal is to help take some of that guess work out of the equation. We want to ensure nothing needs to be compromised & no matter how busy you may get throughout the month, your dog never misses out on being spoiled. We have carefully curated our themed boxes to appeal to different play styles by incorporating a soft plush and a harder interactive play or treat dispensing toy. We have also made a tougher box without plush toys available for those who don't play nice with stuffies -  you know who you are...

We utilize Canadian made treats and gourmet cookies because they taste good (our doggies told us) but we also love to support fellow small Canadian businesses. Our accessory item(s) in each box will vary but whenever possible we favor Canadian makers. We take the time to source items that add value to your box whether that be a fashionable accessory, a pet health item that we think is worth sharing or something fun that the dog parent can enjoy. Our signature SPOILED DOG box contain a value of $75+ and we are sure you & your dog will approve.

So from our spoiled dogs to yours; welcome to the SPOILED DOG family - we can't wait to see your dog enjoying their box!



This our girl - She is a 2 yr old pocket bully (frenchie mix) is constantly looking for more treats & loves play sessions with her canine sibling or her solo session with us humans. While she is a professional plush toy destroyer she does well with the tougher options we provide her. She can attest to the old adage "there are no indestructible toys just ones that last longer than others" Occasionally to relieve frustration of not being able to destroy the tougher toys easily we toss her a plush for 5 mins of fun. We find it important to offer a variety of materials, toy styles and functions to meet this girls needs and avoid boredom & keep them mentally exercised too!   



Like the tea...just a pinch of spice. This beautiful rescue girl is now living her best life (& getting spoiled on regular basis) out in western Canada. Like many bullies she tends to need tougher toys so we ensure she gets items that she can enjoy safely and that will last more than just a few hours. Even though she needs tough chew toys we make sure she benefits from enrichment toy now and then too.  



What do you get when you add another potcake to the family?  A POTLUCK!  These brothers are quickly becoming best buddies! They sure are lucky to have been rescued by a loving couple and will receive constant spoiling as Guinness can already attest to.. Their momma also has her own treat company which they happily taste test for. Spencer is a 2021 addition to  the family and our youngest pack member



The west coast girl is a beauty and she rocks the bandanas from our boxes so well! Mottley received a couple spoiled dog boxes in 2020, we were loving her shares / photos and to see her enjoying the contents each month so we asked her to become a pack member and keep sharing her spoils with all her friends. 

If you are on the west coast be sure to follow her page for great tips on all the good trails to sniff out and explore with your two or four legged friends



This east coast pocket pitty is a sweet girl & those ears - I mean honestly too cute!!!! Stella is an only dog child and thus automatically requires lots of spoils ... so naturally her human would be up for checking out our boxes. We are able accommodate her chicken allergy and ensure she enjoys the contents of her box to the fullest each month. Stella is a big fan of the adorable cookie that is tucked into every box.  

If your dog has allergies or sensitivies like this girl there is a spot to make note when you sign up and we will do our best to accomodate & provide alternate treats if needed.



This is one awesome duo! These boxer siblings know how to have fun & enjoy a variety of toys of course they don't complain when they get new treats either... If you enjoy feedback from goofy dogs and their human be sure to follow them on Instagram.

Fun fact: Stevie is a rescue dog & after an injury early in her life she required front limb amputation turning her into a sweet  tripod who hasn't let anything slow her down!



While he may be our smallest pack member he makes up for size in  personality! This sweet Italian greyhound gets smaller versions of toys to ensure he can play with them easily and experience all the spoils inside.  His two adoring human sisters will enjoy unboxing  to see what fun theme is tucked inside while mom snaps some great photos to share with all of you! 

If you need a VITO sized box select our [just a little] spoiled dog box